• 6X6 Cooler Trailer
    6X6 Cooler Trailer
  • 6X12 Cooler Trailer
    6X12 Cooler Trailer
  • 6X16 Cooler Trailer
    6X16 Cooler Trailer

Koolzone is your number one choice for your short-term or long-term cooler trailer rental needs.

We know the importance of having reliable temporary cooler storage. We custom build in-house our portable coolers to meet our higher exacting standards – such units are not available in the marketplace. This ensures that you receive high-quality cooler trailer units that are clean and reliable, and will work in any outdoor environment, whether it’s a winder blizzard, a rainstorm, or a mid-summer heat wave.

Our walk-in coolers come in three model sizes. Some standard and large model coolers come configured as KegKoolers – commonly referred to as beer coolers or kegerators. Our KegKoolers are popular for events, fairs and festivals, and can be incorporated into bars for beer gardens. Check out our KegKooler page for more info!

Key Specifications:
  • Plug and play electrical connection – no fumes, fuel bills or engine noise
  • Our 6X6 coolers and 6X12 coolers run on a 120 Volt, 20 Amp single phase connection. Our 6X16 coolers require a 230 Volt, 30 Amp single phase connection
  • All our cooler trailers come pre-set to a temperature of 2o C (35o F)
  • Our coolers are designed to keep pre-chilled product. You may need to allow extra time if your product is warm and requires chilling
  • Seamless fiberglass construction – immune to any weather
  • Can be placed on any reasonably level surface – grass, gravel, asphalt or concrete
  • CSA, UL and ESA approved, with a food grade interior finish