• 6X6 KegKooler
    6X6 KegKooler
  • 6X12 KegKooler
    6X12 KegKooler

Some of our standard and large size models of portable coolers come configured as what we call KegKoolers, but are more generically and commonly referred to as beer coolers or kegerators.

Koolzone is your number one choice for your portable KegKooler rental needs!

Our walk-in KegKoolers come in two model sizes:
  • 6’x6’ Walk-in (Standard size), with 4 taps
  • 6’x12’ Walk-in (Large Size), with 6 taps

Our KegKooler trailers are built with the same standards as our other cooler trailers – they are identical, other than the tap system. Our tap system is professionally installed – just like the ones at your local bar or restaurant. Each tap has its own line so you can have four or six different kinds of beer if you wish. CO2 tanks are available and supplied upon request.

The KegKooler plugs it into a standard 120 Volt 20-amp electrical outlet. There are no loud generators and no gas fumes.

All our beer keg coolers come pre-set to a temperature of 35o F (2o C).

Unlike all our competitors’ products, our KegKoolers serve a second purpose – as they meet or exceed government Health and Safety standards, they can also hold food products so there is no need for a second cooler to hold your cheese, dips and other party foodstuff!

Renting a beer cooler trailer is a great way to keep your beer cold on a hot summer day. Our KegKoolers are popular for parties, events and festivals. Often, they are incorporated into bars for beer gardens. Our KegKoolers are easy to use with no need to clean up beer cans or bottles end of the day.

Call Koolzone today and speak with us about your unique requirements!

Key Specifications:
  • Plug and play electrical connection – no fumes, fuel bills or engine noise
  • All our KegKoolers require a 120 Volt, 20 Amp single phase connection.
  • Pre-set to a temperature of 2o C (35o F)
  • Can keep pre-chilled food product. You may need to allow extra time if your product is warm and requires chilling
  • Seamless fiberglass construction – immune to any weather
  • Stainless steel drip tray to keep your service area clean and makes clean up easy
  • Can be placed on any reasonably level surface – grass, gravel, asphalt, concrete
  • Meet or exceed government Health and Safety standards
  • CSA, UL and ESA approved, with a food grade interior finish