What is a refrigerated cooler or freezer trailer?

Basically, it’s an insulated storage room just like you would find in a restaurant, butcher shop or other commercial business, but it’s on wheels!  It is fully functional with built-in cooler or freezer equipment for cooling and freezing of food products, usually placed at an outdoor setting/location.

What does weekend rental consist of?

Our weekend rental is for an up to a 72-hour (or 3-day) period, and usually consists of a delivery on a Friday and pickup either on late Sunday or Monday morning.

Why do I need refrigeration?

Portable and mobile cold storage containers/rooms is now essential equipment to comply with today's ever increasing safe food and hygiene standards concerning food storage. All units have food grade interiors – even the KegKooler so that you can keep cool the foodstuffs as well as drinks! You would not want to risk the health and safety of your customers or guests by risking contamination of your food products!

What sizes are your cooler or freezer trailers?

We have standardized our very large fleet to 3 sizes – standard, large and jumbo – and all are walk-in. 

You will find additional information on the trailer sizes in the Coolers and Freezers  and KegKooler sections.

How much power do I need?

You are responsible for providing power. All are “plug-and play” trailer units that run on electric power sourced either from your building or from a generator with sufficient running watts capacity. 

Our 6x6 standard size coolers and freezers as well as our 6x12 coolers require a 120-Volt, 20-Amp circuit.  (Although a 15-Amp circuit may be sufficient in some circumstances /locations, it is not determinable ahead of the rental and therefore, it is not recommended.) We supply 50’ or 100’ of power cord.

Our 6x12 freezers, and the 6x16 coolers and freezers require 120-Volt, 30-Amp circuit. We supply 50’ of power cord.

Are the trailers easy to use?

Yes!  We will site it, set it up on jacks, secure it and connect the power cord to your power source.  Once it’s chilled – usually about an hour, depending on the ambient temperature – you can load in your pre-chilled product. 

Where can the unit be used?

Anywhere! It can be on grass, concrete or asphalt surface with close and safe access to a power source.

However, we do require truck access as the units are large, and that the placement location is reasonably level for safety reasons.

Do the cooler and freezer trailers come with racks or shelving?

Yes, the coolers and freezer trailers all have shelving/ racks which can be supplied or removed as per your requirements.

Can we pick-up and tow the trailer ourselves?

Sorry, we do not allow self-pickup of rentals. We deliver, setup and pickup in all cases.

Can we move the trailer?

All trailers are setup on jacks for storage weight capability and stability/safety reasons. Also, all trailers are fitted with anti-theft devices at the time of delivery.

For your physical safety and well-being, as well for the protection of the equipment, adjusting or altering the physical set-up or the towing of the trailer is dangerous and is strictly forbidden.

Is the trailer lockable?

Yes, they are fitted by us with anti-theft devices.  The back door is lockable, however, we ask that you supply the lock, thus you solely control the access and security of the content products.

Does the trailer have steps?

Yes. Only one step is required for easy access to the inside of the unit.

What happens if the rear door shuts while I'm inside?

No need to worry! No need to panic! All units are equipped with is a lighted emergency interior door release on the inside of the door.

Are the trailers safe?

All equipment is CSA, UL and ESA approved. No exceptions!

What about insurance coverage?

In simple language, you are responsible for insurance of the product contents, any damage to the trailer and for liability insurance while the unit is at your site.

Our construction sites are always very busy with many sub-contractors onsite at once - will this be an issue?

Not a problem – that is the norm for us! We work with your site superintendent and co-ordinate with the electrical sub-trade to ensure both a safe delivery and have the unit in running order and on schedule.