• 6X6 Freezer Trailer
    6X6 Freezer Trailer
  • 6X12 Freezer Trailer
    6X12 Freezer Trailer
  • 6X16 Freezer Trailer
    6X16 Freezer Trailer

Koolzone is your number one choice for your short-term or long-term freezer trailer rental needs.

We know the importance of having reliable temporary freezer storage. We custom build in-house our portable freezers to meet our higher exacting standards – such units are not available in the marketplace. This ensures that you receive high-quality freezer trailer units that are clean and reliable, and will work in any outdoor environment, whether it’s a winder blizzard, a rainstorm, or a mid-summer heat wave.

Our portable walk-in freezer trailers come in three model sizes.
  • 6’x6’ Walk-in (Standard size)
  • 6’x12’ Walk-in (Large Size)
  • 6’x16’ Walk-in (Jumbo Size)
Key Specifications:
  • Plug and play electrical connection – no fumes, fuel bills or engine noise
  • Our 6X6 freezers require a 120 Volt, 20 Amp single phase connection.
  • Our 6X12 & 6X16 freezers require a 230 Volt, 30 Amp single phase connection.
  • All our freezer trailers come pre-set to a temperature of -18o C (-10o F)
  • Our coolers are designed to keep pre-frozen product. You may need to allow extra time if your product is warm and requires freezing
  • Seamless fiberglass construction – immune to any weather
  • Can be placed on any reasonably level surface – grass, gravel, asphalt, concrete
  • CSA, UL and ESA approved, with a food grade interior finish