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Since 2005 Koolzone® Rental Company Inc has been servicing southern and central Ontario, and is your number one choice for temporary refrigeration, namely cooler trailers, freezer trailers and beer coolers (our KegKoolers, with taps). We own and operate the largest electric, portable cooler-freezer trailer rental fleet in Ontario, Canada.

We are a family run business, operated by two brothers, that proudly boasts that we own and operate the largest electric-powered, portable cooler-freezer trailer rental fleet in Ontario, Canada. Our competitors operate this business as a small side business to their much larger core business. With three depots – Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and Richmond Hill – plus occasional seasonal depots, we cover most of Southern Ontario.


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Our portable walk-in trailers are a great alternative to reefer trailers, reefer vans or reefer trucks – and much less expensive! There are many benefits that you can get from our refrigerated portable cooler and freezer trailers. Aside from preserving your products and goods for storage, they are the most cost- effective solution for a temporary storage facility!
Instead of purchasing or building your own cold storage unit for a short-term need, you can simply outsource to us as we can offer you a variety of storage units for your business. Purchasing or building your cold storage can be expensive and would require much investment (purchase cost of equipment and rent for the added space) for it to take place. Also, you would need to call on expensive technicians for maintenance and service, which only adds to the expense.

Koolzone® Rental Company delivers electric powered refrigeration trailers direct to your location for any cooling or freezer need. It is a walk-in cooler on wheels and it can fit in a parking spot. You can rent our trailers either short term or long term. We deliver the cooler or freezer trailer to your location, plug it into an outlet and you instantly have a walk-in cooler or freezer at your site that operates just like any unit in a commercial establishment. Our portable trailers are built specifically for outdoor use. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ice blizzard or intense heatwave - they will be at proper temperature and are winterized.

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Impress the guests at your next event or function with temporary refrigeration storage from Koolzone Rental Company. With our variety of units such as, walk in refrigerated trailer rentals and walk in freezer trailer rentals, we are able to provide customers the units they want.

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Koolzone® is your number one choice for your short-term or long-term cooler trailer rental needs. We know the importance of having reliable temporary cooler storage.

We custom build in-house our portable freezers to meet our higher exacting standards – such units are not available in the marketplace.

Our KegKoolers are popular for parties, events and festivals. Often, they are incorporated into bars for beer gardens. Our KegKoolers are easy to use with no need to clean up beer cans or bottles end of the day.


Our portable cooler and freezer trailers have helped companies save thousands of dollars by using our service. When your refrigerator or freezer breaks down, you can’t shut down your business - it is too costly to throw out all that food let alone suffer a loss in business until it is fixed. By renting a unit from Koolzone®, all that food is saved and your business can continue to operate normally. When you need more refrigeration and don’t have the capacity for peak times a unit from Koolzone® can help you. It is cheaper to rent our units then to do a big renovation to add capacity that you will seldom need.


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